You are the only Distraction

You are the only Distraction

In the tune of Paramore's "The Only Exception"

2023 will come

And the only thing that distracts you the most from achieving something is yourself.

Yes! Yourself!

You already planned things to do. You already take notes about what should be done up to this date but ended up doing nothing at all.


Cool ideas and awesome stuff are on their way out but still, you do nothing. You are still procrastinating and waiting for the perfect timing that you always said. But honestly, those things are stuck because you are not working, you are not consistent, and you always lack commitment.

The year 2023 will come and I want to challenge you. To work out for your dreams and goals. One year of dedication and commitment can change everything. Do not let yourself waste another year. Fulfill whatever things you are always dreaming of. Become the person you always want to be. Become the athlete you are always dreaming of. Be in that country you are always taking a glance of. Be on your dream career you always achieving of.

Let me tell you about...


Being committed to doing something is the most difficult yet satisfying to achieve. It is the start of something new. Something to deal with your whole heart and mind. It makes you start whatever idea you are thinking of. It makes you realize and imagine things that you are capable of.

Deciding to be committed gives a BIG head start on achieving your goal. So, if you have a goal in mind in 2023, you must commit yourself. You must agree with yourself that,

"You are going to do it right here, right now."

If you pass this phase, now is the time to have...


Consistency is a game changer.

If you already achieve the first phase, now is the time to take this seriously by being consistent in whatever you are doing.

Being consistent is by giving yourself the best time to do something about your goal. A well-timed and manageable schedule wherein you will not have any excuses not to do it.

Set your calendar. Set your day and time. Set your schedule where nobody can take it away from you. You own it. No distractions at all. Just only you who are molding yourself to improve, and create the best version of yourself.

You already commit and have the consistency you need. The last thing you will be needing to achieve that goal is to have...


Everything will fade if you don't have Discipline.

According to Google, discipline is,

"the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior"

What does it mean?

Train yourself to obey the first two rules. At the end of the day, it is you who are creating the outcome of everything in your life. Whatever will be the result your doing today will be the result of your future.

Having the discipline to be committed to something and be consistent on it is the best training you can ever do to grab the outcome of your dreams and goals.

If you stumble, be disciplined to go back to rule number 1.

If you lack motivation, go back to rule number 2.

If you feel like being defeated, go back to rule number 3.

See? It always comes back around.

Be committed.

Be consistent.

Be disciplined.


Success has no secret formula, it is something to deal with by being committed, consistent, and disciplined.

-- paugramming