5 Essential Tools You Need in Programming

A beginner guide



Before you start your software engineering or web development career journey, here the the 5 essential tools that you must have!

Laptop or Computer Desktop

A laptop or a computer desktop is the #1 essential tool you must have. It will give you capabilities to write and compile code all through out this journey.

It can give you unlimited capabilities that any other gadgets cannot give in terms of programming.

It can gives us high speed, accuracy, bigger storage and can help us in terms of multitasking when we are coding.

There are so many advantages that a computer can give but it also has disadvantages. Make sure to use your laptops or gadgets wisely.


Learning these days has made easy by the internet. It can give you a wide variety of topics that you can learn from programming.

Compare to the years that we do not use internet, we use to do researching using books in library or in our school.

Learning now is easy peazy.

You do not have any reason for you to give up on learning programming because there is internet.

You want to learn something? Browse the internet.

You want to watch a move? Browse the internet.

You want to upload a picture in one of your social media sites? Browse the internet.

If you want to change your life and career through programming? Use the internet!


You are kind of wondering why I added this as one of the essential tools that you need in programming.

Let me explain.

Obviously, to start your software engineering journey, all you need to have is the first 2 tools mentioned earlier.

But having patience is quite different. Programming to be honest is hard. There are days that you will be exhausted, tired and worst case scenario losing interest.

For me, patience is a tool that you will learned all by yourself. This is also applicable to any other activities or skills that we want to have.

You want to learn how to cook delicious food? Have patience.

Cleaning your house requires patience.

Reading a book requires patience.

All activities requires it. You cannot learn certain things in just one click. You have to accept the fact that there will be hardships and difficulties along the way. But, guess what?

If you will give yourself time, you can learn anything. All you need to have is patience.


Just like any other jobs around the world, Consistency is what a programmer can made of. It is like going to school everyday for you to learn different subjects.

You have to show of.

Even if it is 25 minutes, 30 minutes or whatever amount of duration it is, you have to practice.

Even if it is watching videos, reading blogs, or listening to podcast you have to be consistent. Plan your day on what time you will practice programming.

Plan your day on what time you will take a break.

Plan your day on whatever time it is for you to be consistent on practicing coding.

Be consistent. Stay consistent.


If you want to be successful in this career you need to have dedication.

You need to have the desire to put all your time and effort in this journey. If you are really interested in getting to this path you need to motivate yourself to finish what you started.

Programming itself is a never ending process.

It is a topic that has a wide variety of range.

It is limitless.

You can build whatever things want. You just need to have dedication. Be serious about it. The only person who can motivate you is yourself. It is like dedicating your life to it.

Have a purpose on why you are doing this.

Yes! there is nothing wrong with having big money at your pocket. But programming is more to it.

Using your programming skills to improve someones life is the best thing you can ever do in programming.


Social media apps → they improve our communication.

Electric cars → they improve the quality of life by reducing the carbon that fueled cars emit.

Video Conferencing Apps → the improve the quality of remote video conferencing especially this pandemic.

and much more.

Imagine the things that you can do when you dedicate yourself to programming or to any other skills you are building up.

Imagine the ideas that you can build using it.

All you have to do now is decide.

Dedicate yourself and have a purpose on why you have to become a Programmer.