Today I Learned: A Much Needed Step Back!

Photo by Daggy J Ali on Unsplash

Today I Learned: A Much Needed Step Back!


This past few weeks, I decided to step back and think of what are the things I am lacking regarding my skills in programming.

I ask myself how can I become a great engineer if I do not know these and that.

Sometimes I tend to have impostor syndrome thinking about I am great and know it all. But all this time, I am not.

The Question

Someday of March 2022, I ask myself,

Should I take a step back and study again?

Should I learn again from scratch?

When should I start?

And on that day, I decided to make things happen.

Some time this week, I learned about the The Odin Project.

It is an open source community that provides high quality coding education. I was curious about it and decided to give it a try.

Currently, my progression is in the foundation level because I want to start all over again. I want a refresher with my skills. I want to learn from different experiences and topics that can add more value someday.

These are the three topics that I've learned so far.


Do you want to start your own company by turning an app idea into reality?

All this time, I always dreamed of having my idea to become a reality someday, but I am lacking of the basic fundamentals of programming HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc. I do have experience using them in a team based effort but building from scratch alone is what I am lacking.

In order to achieve this, I decided to make this as a motivation to learn again. Be one of the many beginners to dive in the fundamentals.

It will be a hard long run, but I know it will be worth it.

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset believes they can get better at anything with effort and persistence.

I always tend to procastinate, building things from scratch and then stop building again. I realized that it's not gonna help on what am I supposed to achieve. If I want to achieve what I've set on my motivation, I need to make a decision.

Focus and remove distractions

Concentrate and make plans. Give myself time to learn and understand the basic concepts that I need. I need to be more persistent and have the grit to learn step by step.

The Learning Process

Understand it, practice it, and finally teach it.

I am a teacher, an instructor and a mentor. I want to give the quality advice to people who also wants to learn from me.

I need to understand the basics of these and that. I need to refresh myself. I need to practice every single lesson that I will encounter in this journey. When that time arrives, that is the time that I can finally teach and share it even more.


I still got time. Just don't rush things