The Importance of UI/UX to me as a Backend Engineer


For the past couple of days, I have been juggling down different ideas that can add more value to my skills and personal self. I have been coding a lot and thinking about projects that I can do to practice those skills I need.

But for one time, I found this youtube video and surprisingly it tells about UI/UX Design Tutorial. I tried to internalize things when I saw the thumbnail and here I go! I click it! Didn't know that I am watching it already and enjoying the process.

Here are my personal key take aways that I think can help add value to my/our/your skills! üöÄ as a backend engineer!

Think before you code!

A lot of times when I have an idea (even today) I started to code it directly. I thought that it was right and I am in the right track but then again I ended up struggling.

Struggling to get the output that I want because I did not think about what feature should I code. So I ended up going from scratch again. Felt stuck and keep on re-coding the things I already coded. I felt a never ending coding process and ended up being burned out because I did not think first what feature or idea I should do.

Do it from scratch!

This is something that literally means doing the things from scratch.

It is more of...

writing or drawing those thoughts inside your mind.

Let say you already have the idea. The second thing I learned was to take down notes or draw those things to visualize the idea. In this case, using wireframes

Wireframes helps me realize that...

thinking is not enough when it comes to building projects.

You should use your pens or papers to visualize that gold idea.

Nice and slowly

Honestly, I do not have any enough experience doing wireframes, UI Layout or Mockups. But when I watched the video, I realize that it is easy as counting 1, 2, 3!

But you should pay attention to the elements you are adding. Just do it Nice and Slowly Understand why you are adding these elements. Think about what things would help build that idea.

Start small. Do not over complicate things. Consider thinking about a working prototype design that can help you deliver in no time.


Adding UI/UX designing makes me realize that I can do so much if I start right. Having the idea in my mind to be put on a piece of paper first makes me think that surely, I can really picture out what I really want to build.

Programming is really fascinating and full of wonderful things but when you start right, you will be on the right track.