My Experiences

Backend Engineer, Papa Inc. - May/2020 - Current - Contractor

  • Developed and maintained backend system using Elixir, Postgres, GraphQL, Oban, under Test Driven Development.
  • Support web and mobile apps using ReactJS and React Native
  • Support design system infrastructure.
  • Focus on system support and bug fixing.
  • Built and implemented back-end services demonstrating service-oriented architecture and focus on client needs.

Web Development Instructor, Avion School, - July/2020 - June/2022 - Philippines

  • Teach HTML, CSS Javascript and ReactJS
  • Teach basic understanding of programming, data structures, web development and other related topics
  • Gives guidances for the improvement of each student

Backend Engineer, Martide - Feb/2019 - April/2020 - Hong Kong

  • Developed & maintained both web and mobile applications using Elixir, Phoenix Framework, GraphQL, React JS and React-native under Test Driven Development.
  • Help redesign system infrastructure by turning it into microservices.
  • Redesign UI features for mobile using React-native and adjust functionalities base of design requirements: Redesign UI features for web using HTML, CSS3, SASS and Jquery.
  • Refactor the whole integration test of the web application using Wallaby (Integration Testing Package written in Phoenix Framework & Elixir) running in a CI/CD pipeline using github actions.
  • Built, implemented and maintained backend and microservices using Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Docker and ElasticSearch, demonstrating service-oriented architecture and focus on client’s needs.

Web Developer, Pragtechnologies - APRIL/2017 - APRIL/2020 - Marikina, Philippines

  • Developed and maintained various web, mobile and applications written in Elixir, Phoenix Framework, GraphQL, React-native, ReactJS, VueJS .